Utah Jazz just got sold by the Millers!!!

Woj just reported it. Sold to Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith. I mean, I thought it was in a trust, what is up? A few thoughts:

1) Well, kind of sad. End of an era. Larry and Gayle Miller did so much for the Jazz. Larry, Gayle, Jerry, Karl and John will forever be legends.

2) Still wondering how this happened what with the Trust that was setup. It's fine, Ryan Smith from Qualtrics is every bit as committed to keeping the Jazz in Utah as the Millers were, but still. Its always possible that he gets an offer from some Seattle billionaire in the future that he can't turn down, which is why that Trust was so comforting, knowing it would never be sold to someone who would take it outside Utah.

3) All that said, this could be a good thing. Ryan has a lot of money. Maybe not quite as much as Steve Balmer, but he has enough. This may mean that the Jazz won't be scared to be in the luxury tax? I hope that is what this means.

4) Wait, holy crap. The Millers just sold the Jazz. Still wrapping my mind around this.

5) Wow. The Millers sold the Jazz.

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