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SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft: The Utah Jazz select Josh Green 23rd

Josh Green provides defense and spacing and will fit right in with Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert

Arizona v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Coming into this draft I was looking to draft someone that fit Dennis Lindsey’s description of what the Jazz need to add this offseason: someone who provides defense while not sacrificing spacing.

So when Josh Green fell to the Jazz I was excited to make the pick. Although it wasn’t an automatic choice because there was another choice I didn’t expect.

Tyrell Terry, who seems to have risen on multiple draft boards, was available at 23. That was the other player I thought about taking. Because the Jazz already have lead guards in Donovan Mitchell and Mike Conley, and the Jazz need the ball in Mitchell’s hands more, I decided to pass. It is a sign that Terry might have the widest possible variance in the draft.

It’s also interesting the feeling you get when you actually have to make a pick. Do you want to pick a Trae Young type that won’t play a lot of defense and might not be the same level of passer? And when you already have an issue getting the ball in Mitchell’s hands enough it’s hard to pull the trigger on someone like that.

Considering these things, and the perfect fit from Green, it became a pretty clear choice.

Green stands 6’6” with a 6’10” wingspan and is still only 19 years old. He has all the tools to be a high impact NBA player.

Green is the perfect pick for Utah because he’s a player with upside that also fills a specific need and role.

In his only season at Arizona, Green shot a solid 42% from the field and 36% from three. In 30 minutes per game Green put up a solid line 12 points, 4.6 rebounds and 2.6 assists. He put up that line while playing solid defense which makes him a great 3 and D prospect for Utah to develop.

And that’s what makes this pick exciting. Like I mentioned, Green is only 19 and shows a developing dribble drive game. He can get to the rim and has shown decent touch. His 2.6 assists a game show a player that can make the right play.

His jumpshot also looks very solid and there’s no reason not to expect him to develop that into a real weapon.

This draft is an interesting one because there isn’t a home run #1 pick but there is a huge range of talent in the 2nd and 3rd tiers. Pick #23 is looking really good for the Utah Jazz.