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This is your chance to make your voice heard. Vote!


Donovan Mitchell Instagram

After what has been a tumultuous 2020 we’ve finally arrived at Nov. 3, election day. We at SLC Dunk wanted to encourage all of our readers to make sure and vote.

This is your chance to make your voice heard in an election that has a lot of implications.

Probably the most vocal player on the Jazz has been Donovan Mitchell. He’s done a lot of work promoting the importance of voting to bring about change. Here are some of his messages.

Mitchell also had a conversation about the election with Kamala Harris.

Whatever your political affiliation, this is your chance to take part in this country’s democracy. Your vote matters!

Like Donovan Mitchell said, this election is not just about the president but also all the different local officials and initiatives that will affect all of us directly. These different initiatives, and local officials, will have a big effect on the direction of the state you live in. Don’t be apathetic about it, it’s important you take part!

To help with voting this year in Utah, the Utah Jazz have made Vivint Arena available for Utah voters.

If you are in Utah, you can check your registration status here as well as get additional information for things like polling locations.

Also, if you are voting today, make sure to wear your mask to keep you and everyone around you safe.

Happy voting everyone!