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I’m excited, and humbled, to be given the chance to manage this site

I’m going to carry this torch the best I can!

It’s a humbling thing to take on the role of site manager for SLC Dunk. I’ve loved this site for so long as a place I could turn to for fresh and unfiltered takes about the Jazz.

My story with SLC Dunk started with Amar. I loved Amar’s passion and willingness to be honest about everything. His data driven approach is unmatched and taught me entire new ways to think about players and the team.

Amar’s honesty and courage to “tell it like it is” is also what set this site apart. That willingness to tell the truth has built trust with readers like myself. When you come here you know that this is a place where a true, independent voice can be heard. I also owe a lot to Amar who discovered me as the Jazz fan with a mildly popular Dungeons and Dragons podcast.

Amar also let me publish a story after I had successfully infiltrated Gordon Hayward’s Clash Royale guild and posted some of his interesting guild messages about the upcoming free agency.

I even did this terrible artwork for the article.

It was actually a small dream come true to see something I wrote on the front page of SLC Dunk. I had been a huge fan of the downbeat and all the writers for the site. To see something I did, outside of the fanposts, was incredibly satisfying.

So when Mychal called me to ask me if I wanted to be a regular writer for the site, there was no question.

Speaking of Mychal, I can’t say enough for all the work he’s done for this site. He took over a tough situation and has made this site a top-notch source for Jazz news and insight. It’s truly become on par with the best sites out there. Believe me, they read us. And everything that you enjoy about this site has had Mychal’s thumbprint on it.

I am also incredibly grateful to Mychal for taking a chance on me. I had, and still run, my YouTube channel and it was Mychal who saw the potential with me in video and podcast work. A big shoutout to everyone who watched those first Facebook Halftime shows. They were quirky and different but a lot of fun.

Mychal has let me and the other writers find our voice and this site has become an incredible collection of voices that makes this site what it is now.

Thank you, Mychal, for all you’ve done for me and the site. I wouldn’t be where I am without you and I’m humbled to be the one taking that torch from you. We’re also blessed to have you as a writer for the site still. This market needs you!

My vision for this site is simple. We’re going to continue where we’ve left off and bring unique, honest and insightful voices. This is a fan blog and I’m really proud of it! Being a fan blog means we can focus on the team we all love. Where the national voices will only occasionally focus on the Jazz, you can come here for regular, high level insight from all of our writers.

Speaking of writers, I’m excited about the future voices of this blog. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, send me an email at If you do, please include some of the content/writing you’ve done in the past. I look forward to hearing from you!

Finally, I wanted to thank all of you that are part of this community. It’s a home for all of us to come and discuss the Jazz. It’s been a tumultuous year and I want to reiterate that this site believes that Black Lives Matter and we will support this Jazz team not just as players, but also as human beings. That being said, I want to say that this community is a more inclusive and welcoming place than ever before. Please continue to comment but be good to each other. We can be respectful yet passionate. Thank you to all of you that flag comments that are inflammatory or toxic. I am going to do everything I can to keep this place fun for everyone.

Now, it’s time to get started.