What Happened to the Die Hard Jazz Fans?

The draft and free agency will happen in a couple of weeks and there is little to no discussion! It seems like the closer it gets the less that is talked about, Why?

The Jazz need to do several things to improve and fill out the roster.

My thinking right now is that players under contract make up 6 NBA starting/rotation players. Who fills the spots?

Is Bojan back to full strength?

Backup Center and PF are really nonexistent on the team.

The Jazz moving up or down in the draft?

Any trades happening?

Mike C. going to opt out and sign a three year deal with the Jazz?

Rudy and the Jazz FO going to come up with a working contract?

Speak up Jazz Nation. It's boring reading and listening to Celtics, Knicks, Mav and Hawk fans all over the place.

Hope the discussion picks up soon.

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