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Utah Jazz news and notes

Training camp, players giving back and covid

Toronto Raptors v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

It’s been a big week for the Jazz with a lot going on, here’s some of the stories you might have missed.

Donovan Mitchell is giving back

Donovan Mitchell made headlines when he signed his new big contract and he’s already using it to give back.

Mitchell is donating $12 million to his former school and it’s a great reminder just how great a person he is. It’s a pleasure to watch Mitchell play on the floor but to see the things he does off the court are really impressive. It’s exciting to think of all the good Mitchell will do over the years of this contract, and future ones.

Two Jazz players were held out of practice for Covid Protocol

It was confirmed today that one of the players held out for Covid Protocal was Mike Conley because of being exposed to someone with Covid.

We’ll likely find out who the other player was soon just by deduction, but it’s clear there are going to be difficult situations for teams dealing with the current pandemic. What makes it more difficult is the shortened season that will force teams to use their depth. During the season, if teams have players miss games with Covid, we’ll see a lot of fringe players getting significant minutes. Luckily, the Utah Jazz have done a good job improving their depth and have guys on the end of the bench that have good development time under their belt.

Bojan Bogdanovic is back

It’s sounding like Bogdanovic is looking good after coming back from his surgery last season.

Much has been said about how the Jazz missed having Bogdanovic available against the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs. Having him back helps for multiple reasons. The first obvious one being he’s a high level starter that helps the Jazz win games. But the other important things, and it became apparent in the playoffs, is that Bogdanovic was important for the Jazz’s depth.

Utah has solidified their bench and that will help with depth, but losing Bogdanovic makes the Jazz pretty thin, pretty quickly. Here’s to hoping that Bogdanovic picks up where he left off last season.

Another week without a Rudy Gobert contract

Another week of discussions between Gobert and the Jazz has gone by. There’s no news that talks have broken off so it can be assumed that those discussions are still ongoing.

I find myself constantly checking my phone for a notification from Woj with a Gobert contract, but each day that goes by makes you wonder how big is the divide between the Jazz and Gobert is with their contract negotiations.

Will the Jazz and Gobert find middleground soon? Hopefully they do because the current makeup of the team has a chance to make a lot of noise in the playoffs.