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Utah Jazz defeat the Miami Heat in impressive 116-101 win

Let the All Star Break Begin

NBA: Miami Heat at Utah Jazz Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz have rebounded extremely well from their putrid 5 game losing streak starting a new winning streak that now extends to 4 games after tonight’s victory over the Miami Heat. This was the perfect way to enter the All Star Break.

Tonight brought a really fun basketball game, especially for Jazz fans. The Utah Jazz big three played spectacularly, with each having spurts of dominance. Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell, and Bojan Bogdanovic combined for 64 points, 32 rebounds, and 8 assists. Plus, Jordan Clarkson added an electric 21 points off the bench. The Jazz will be a very difficult team to beat if they get that kind of production from those four.

The game was a great back and forth all night until the Jazz blew it open late in the fourth quarter. The Heat cut the Jazz lead to 7, but Bojan hit 2 big threes and Rudy finished an alley oop on a fast break and suddenly the game was over.

Donovan Mitchell looked much more like Donovan Mitchell tonight. He picked his spots and had much better command. He was efficient and had great control of the ball. That was encouraging to see as we enter the break. If he gets back to his best form, the Utah Jazz are going to be a problem the rest of the way.

Rational Reaction: Thank Goodness for the All Star Break

It feels like the last game or two before the break, weird things can happen. Like the Clippers getting blown out by the short handed Timberwolves. I’m glad the Jazz found their form, but I’m also glad they get a break. It comes at a great time, as the Jazz were able to get the sour taste from that losing streak out of their way. Now they can all get healthy and make the final push before the playoffs.

Over-Reaction: Jordan Clarkson might be the best in-season trade since Jeff Hornacek

I’m not going to take the time to review past mid-season trades. That’s a lot of Jazz history to dig through for a game recap. But my instant reaction right now is that Jordan Clarkson is one of the best mid-season acquisitions in Utah Jazz franchise history. He’s an absolute game changer for the bench. I’m to the point where I’m worried he’ll make more than we can afford this summer, but I’ll worry about that then. For now, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy him roasting teams night in and night out.

Under-Reaction: Bojan Bogdanovic might be the best free agent signing in Jazz history

Mr. Big Shot. This guy comes through again and again when the Jazz need it most. He delivered again tonight with some absolutely huge 3’s down the stretch. This guy is just automatic from range! Now, the Jazz don’t have a long history of big free agent signings. It’s pretty obvious that it’s between him and Carlos Boozer already at this point. Booz was big. Time will tell if Bojan surpasses him. I’m certainly willing to make that bet.