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Is the NBA season cancelled?

This might be the last we’ve seen of this year’s Utah Jazz team

Utah Jazz v Detroit Pistons Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

Things are not looking good for the rest of this season happening according to Brian Windhorst.

Apparently in China when they tried to bring back basketball it brought back new waves of the coronavirus and forced the league to shut down again. This is not a good indication of what might happen if the NBA tries to bring back crowds to watch basketball.

The other problem is that even if we only see players playing with no fans in the crowd, because there is such a huge lack of testing, and quick testing at that, there’s no way to be sure that everything will be safe.

Today, Adam Silver and other major sport commisioners had a call with President Trump discussing when leagues might open again.

President Trump believes that the NFL should start on time in September.

But what about the NBA?

Adam Silvers said he’s ready to start once there is an “all clear” from health officials. But who knows when that might be? August? September? There’s no real way to know.

For now it looks like we might be left with H-O-R-S-E competitions.

This is what we are left with, I guess. What a crazy situation the world has found itself in. If you would have told me three months ago that I’d be analyzing players playing 2K on ESPN followed by H-O-R-S-E, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Let’s hope a vaccine and some sort of cure can come quickly. In the meantime everyone stay safe out there.