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Donovan Mitchell wants you to know that Royce O’Neale stepped on the line

Taking a look at the Jazz’s bubble life

The NBA is back—*knocks on wood*—with the Utah Jazz down in Orlando. While you’ll see much more coverage every day being pumped out of the Dunk, we wanted to highlight the crazy stuff every day from having the entire NBA in one small three mile area. This will just be a collection of all the stuff hitting you every day. So let’s get going.

Mike Conley doing Globetrotter ****

Feels good to be back, indeed. I 100% don’t know how Mike didn’t resort to trying to pull this stuff in a game when things were going bad during the season. If it were me I probably would have been like, “F it. Nothing else is working, might as well try this juggling behind the back turnaround corner three with a double axel.”

On a serious note, Mike Conley looks really good. We’ll have a post on that later next week. Early practices though seem to point to a different Mike Conley. Will we finally get #MountainMike?


Soldiers at Civil Rights Protest

Speaking of Conley, Mike is going to have “I AM A MAN” on the back of his jersey which was the phrase written on the signs of the Memphis Sanitation workers who were striking in 1968. That strike would ultimately lead to Martin Luther King’s assassination. While we hope that we see Memphis Mike in his former glory on the court, Memphis Mike is still operating in his prime outside of it. I don’t know how you cannot be proud of Conley?

Speaking of others who are using their jersey to bring awareness, Rudy Gobert will have his name have “Equality” on the back. Jordan Clarkson and Tony Bradley will have “Peace” on theirs.

Your Tony has evolved into TONED

Utah Jazz v Boston Celtics Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Moving onto Tony Bradley. Bradley evidently accidentally got swole over the lockdown. From Eric Walden of the Salt Lake Tribune:

“I’ve been getting that compliment from a lot of people as I’ve been walking around the [practice] facility,” Bradley said with a sheepish grin. “It wasn’t intended. … I guess the look is that I’ve ‘leaned up.’”

I mean who among us hasn’t used the lockdown as a chance to be in the greatest shape of our lives?

Donovan Mitchell would like you to know that Royce O’Neale stepped on the line “RIGHT HERE. RIGHT HERE. I SEE IT. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT. HERE. RIGHT HERE. HE WAS RIGHT HERE.