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Jordan Clarkson is balling out in the NBA Playoffs

The Jordan Clarkson experience is always a ride, but it’s even more fun in the playoffs

Utah Jazz v Denver Nuggets - Game Two Photo by Kim Klement-Pool/Getty Images

The Jordan Clarkson experience for the Jazz this season has been quite the ride. We’ve seen some highs (career-high 37 points in January) and some lows (2-13 shooting against Lakers a few weeks ago). But despite everything, one cannot deny the fact that the Jordan Clarkson experience is, in fact, quite the ride. The Jazz have never had anyone like him. His flash, his swag, his style of play and his fire coming off the bench. I was interested to see how the Clarkson experience would go in the playoffs, and so far it was not disappointed at all.

Through two games in this year’s playoffs, the Clarkson experience has shown more highs than lows. In game one against Nuggets, he gave us a play that pretty much sums up his entire career, and the Clarkson experience in general.

Falls down, shot clock winding down, fadeaway, off one foot, from three - LOL. I was literally laughing out loud when I shot this shot go down. You can’t help but just smile when watching this clip, I’ve probably watched it 475 time already and it still gets me every time. Clarkson finished this game with 18 points on 8-17 shooting, and was a key piece in keeping this game close for the Jazz down the stretch.

In game two, much like everyone on the entire Jazz roster, Clarkson caught fire. He went off for 26 points on 9-18 shooting and 4-9 from three. He added 4 rebounds, and 3 assists, and gave us this fantastic highlight.

This dunk put the Jazz up 30, and was the nail in the coffin in game two. Clarkson hanging on the rim like that over Jokic is amazing. This dunk capped off an amazing game from Jordan Clarkson, by far the best of his playoff career.

Through two games, Jordan Clarkson is averaging 22 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists on 49/33/100 shooting splits. The efficiency isn’t quite there, but those are Bojan Bogdanovic numbers. When Clarkson is on the floor, you frequently hear the commentators or analysts refer to the “green light” or state the phrase “never seen a shot he doesn’t like”, and that is what makes Clarkson so fun, while sometimes so frustrating. Sometimes, he’ll go a whole possession without passing at all, and sometimes it works out just fine lol.

Clarkson lives by the “shooters shoot” mentality, and has a short memory. He plays how he wants to play, and gets buckets or dies trying, and I respect it so much.

In 19 games during the 2017-18 playoffs, Clarkson averaged 5 points on 30 percent shooting. It’s safe to say he has absolutely exploded onto the scene in this years playoffs, and it’s been so much fun to watch. The Jazz need everything that they can get out of Clarkson, and right now he’s a huge part of their offensive game.

What will the Jordan Clarkson experience bring in game three, and beyond? Only time will tell. For now, we’re riding high on that roller coaster, and the air feels great up here.