NBA Draft

Now that draft position is all set, it might be a good time to look at the NBA draft.

It was a bit annoying to me that the Jazz won its last (meaningless) restart game against San Antonio, which accomplished nothing more than to drop the Jazz 4 spots in the draft--from the #20 draft pick to the #23 draft pick. It may not ultimately make much of a difference, but it's always better to pick 4 spots higher, all other things being equal. Doesn't Jazz management think about things like that?

Some of the players I liked and was hoping might be available when the Jazz makes its draft selection seem to be rising up mock draft boards, so they most likely will be gone by the time the Jazz makes its pick--namely, Patrick Williams, Precious Achiuwa and Kira Lewis.

However, one other player who would seem to fit a Jazz need, and who will most likely be available when the Jazz makes its selection is Jaden McDaniels of the University of Washington. Earlier in the season, McDaniels was rated much higher in the draft (he was even projected to be a lottery pick), but his draft stock seems to have fallen considerably lately due to concerns about his inconsistency--both in his shooting and in his motor--so that he is now near the end of the first round of the draft on most mock draft boards.

McDaniels seems to have the talent and physical attributes--size, length, athleticism, skills, and scorer-mindset--to be a player with a lot of potential upside. I'd rather have the Jazz gamble on a high-risk/high reward player like him late in the draft, than a player who is a more safe bet, but who has less potential, and therefore, is a low risk/low reward selection. Another player who dropped into the early second round of the draft many years ago due to concerns about his motor, despite having great physical attributes and obvious talent, was DeAndre Jordan, and we all know how that turned out. I think McDaniels may turn out to be a late-selection-steal-of-the-draft, and it may as well be the Jazz who benefits from that type of good fortune.

Or . . . . the Jazz could just trade its pick, if it doesn't like any player available when it makes its selection at #23.

What are your opinions about what the Jazz should do in the draft?

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