Do you want to watch this Jazz team for the next three years?

It seems like the Jazz are one extreme or the other. The Rubio years there were three non-shooters in the lineup. That did not work so the Jazz went all in on offense. They did try to correct that by bringing in Favors this year but it seems Ingles and Bogdanovic are getting slower already and the defense will continue to suffer. With the starting guards being small, this seems like a cap to how good the Jazz can be.

I understand that the Jazz can't just make a lopsided trade to correct the problem. So the front office plan of action will probably be to re-sign Conley in FA next year. That means we watch the same Jazz team just get older. They can be really good so it is not a horrible scenario, but I think I will lose interest in that case.

So the question is should the Jazz make a trade that makes them worse this year but IF it pans out it could turn out better?

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