Bogie + Azubuike for Chris Boucher ???

I realize this sounds reactive. I really like Bogie (Bojan Bogdanovic, who I really wanted Utah to sign back in 2019 and they did!), but we've seen his ceiling, and Utah needs a third player with a higher all-around ceiling than Bogie- someone closer to All-Star potential, but not necessarily definite All-Star caliber.

I'm talking about Chris Boucher (6'9" PF for Toronto with 7'4" wingspan), who's sporting a 143 Offensive Rating along with a 105 Defensive Rating. He's a +6.4 On Court and a -5.6 Off Court. In just 23.8 minutes per game, he's averaging 15.5 points (59% FG, 48% 3P), 6.6 rebounds, 2.4 blocks.... did I mention he's hitting on 1.8/3.7 3P/3PA through 14 games? And in 23 minutes, he gets 2.4 blocks?

Boucher has to be one of the best salaries in the NBA right now at just around $7M for this season and next with Bird Rights. Toronto could set him up if that's going to be their big 3 (Siakam, VanVleet, Boucher), but Siakam plays the same position as Boucher. And OG Anunoby isn't drawing a light contract either. Maybe one can play SF while the other plays PF, but I don't think there's enough room in Toronto for both those guys. And Toronto isn't doing so hot this season.

I like Boucher for his defense, 3P shooting, size/length, and EFF FG%. While I love Bogie's grit and grind and mostly consistent shooting, he offers very limited defense and nothing in the way of offensive boards or other critical stats outside of shooting and being a decent second option. Utah is going to need a PF who can give trouble to All-Star/Super-Star players on the defensive end, but still make critical and substantial impacts on the offensive end. Bogie's defense will limit Utah's potential against teams like the LA Lakers, Sixers, Bucks, Nets....

I don't know what the right proposition should be, but likely Bogie + Azubuike + a bunch of future draft picks + cash seems like a really good start. I would be willing to part with a couple two-way players or even Harrison, Hughes, Oni, etc. Utah's defense would get even better, and Utah's offense might provide Boucher with even better looks than he's getting in Toronto. Utah could save some money in the near-term, but eventually may need to pay him out. Boucher is 28, which is 3 years younger than Bogie. Just sayin', food for thought...

I can't think of a strong incentive for Toronto to want this deal (although they would get a really good center out of it to replace Boucher as well as a reliable sharp shooter stretch PF in Bogie but also take on a lot more in payroll when they're already loaded this season) I'm just salivating over Boucher as a great up-and-coming player. I would love to see what his added help paint defense could do to supplement Gobert, especially to keep Gobert closer to the paint and away from the perimeter.

Here's some defensive highlights:

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