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Playing without Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Jarrett Allen demolish the Utah Jazz

It was a terrible display on both ends of the floor for the Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

No Kevin Durant? No problem.

The Brooklyn Nets embarrassed the Utah Jazz 130-96 with big time play from Kyrie Irving and Jarrett Allen. The Jazz weren’t competitive from the start as Kyrie Irving outscored the Jazz by himself in the first quarter.

From the opening tip Utah looked like they were just going through the motions. They were indecisive and careless on offense giving the ball up multiple times. There were so many mistimed plays that studying the film will be somewhat of a nightmare. The problem is Utah doesn’t have any time to study because they’re on a back to back. And that’s probably the most disappointing thing. Utah is on one of the biggest road trips of the season. Brooklyn was without Kevin Durant so it was a prime chance to get a win from the get go. Now the Jazz are on their heals and going against a Knicks team who is 5th in the East and currently playing very good basketball.

Even though this was a rather pathetic showing from the Jazz, we also need to give credit to the Nets. Kyrie Irving showed why he is one of the most electric players in the game when his shot is falling. He toyed with the Jazz all night with the ball on a string. It didn’t matter who guarded him, Kyrie made them pay.

Jarrett Allen was also great as he dominated inside. He handled Rudy Gobert from the get go and did the same with Derrick Favors.

The Jazz have to find a way to stop these bad losses. It’s one thing to lose a close one to the Nets minus Kyrie Irving. Irving hall of fame level talent and can go off like this on any given night, or even most nights, but for Utah to lose by this big is troubling. Utah is now 4-3 with some up and down victories and losses. Where is the consistency?

And that’s the question we need to start asking. This team just dolled out two huge contracts and is going hard for a title. How much of this can the Jazz front office stomach? There has to be some sort of consistency with this team and with how much development they’ve put into this, they deserve to see some other players get a chance to prove themselves. Juwan Morgan has proven himself in the playoffs. Miye Oni is ready. When do we see hard work pay off and bad effort or play not tolerated? So many times it seems that the only improvement comes from executing better. When will Quin Snyder start tweaking lineups? Something has to change and it can’t just be “play better.”

Hopefully this is wake up call for the Jazz but how many times are the Jazz going to keep hitting the snooze button?

Game MVP

The clock

Throughout this game there were many times the clock did a lot of good ticking guiding Jazz fans to a peaceful end. The play of the game? The final tick of the clock as we were all blessed with the finality of what was terrible, terrible showing by the Utah Jazz.