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Utah Jazz give up 18-point lead and lose to the New York Knicks

The Utah Jazz don’t look right on both ends of the floor

Utah Jazz v New York Knicks Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

In another disappointing finish, the Utah Jazz lost to the New York Knicks 100 - 112.

Utah started this one off slow again but eventually found a groove in the first half that eventually grew to an 18-point lead. That eventually wore away until Austin Rivers put a dagger in the Jazz giving them their second strait loss to start their east coast road trip.

The other player that contributed to the Knicks win, continuing what has been a surprising season, was Julius Randle. Randle scored 30 points on what has been a disappointing Jazz defense this season. When he wasn’t being guarded by Gobert Randle mostly had his way with the Jazz.

For the Jazz they continue to get lackluster performances from Donovan Mitchell and Bojan Bogdanovic. We could quibble about some of the role players on this team, but until those two start playing better, the Jazz will continue to struggle.

One of the lone bright spots was Rudy Gobert who looked better than he did last night against the Brooklyn Nets.

Final Note

This is going to be a shorter post tonight. Today was a disheartening day and it makes writing about things like basketball seem very trivial.

Be good to each other, guys. Not everyone who reads this site is from this country, but for those of us who are, let’s try to be better tomorrow than we were today. This country needs it.