Malik Fitts 2 way and did some teams have more preseason games

It will probably go up tomorrow but I am super excited Fitts signed a 2 way with the Jazz. I really wanted them to sign him last year due to his size and 3 point shooting. But maybe it works out best this way. I mean stealing a 6'8" forward with a sweet shooting stroke from the Clippers has worked out for us before so hopefully it does again. It could develop a tradition like trading with Denver at the draft.

Also I just noticed that teams play different amount of preseason games. The Lakers had 6 and some other teams had 5. I think having less is definitely better so the team can practice more. I guessing the Lakers did 6 because they can make a decent amount of money off of preseason games. With so much roster turnover that may have been a bad idea for them.

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