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Utah Jazz vs Chicago Bulls: Game Thread

The Jazz are looking to go 5-0

Utah Jazz vs Chicago Bulls Set Number: X163569

The Utah Jazz are getting a chance to face the new-look Chicago Bulls for the first time. It’ll be a chance for a team that has a lot of detractors to prove they can do the things in this game that they haven’t before. Can they keep their top-level defense against a team with a true stretch center? Can they keep their best #1 offensive rating against a Bulls team with a top-5 defense?

It’s a good chance to see how they do and how Quin Snyder adjusts. Will we see different types of lineups to combat a 5-out offense? Or do the Jazz find a way to impose their style against the Bulls. Whatever the answer, Utah needs to figure these things out tonight and as the season goes on as they march towards the playoffs.