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Utah Jazz vs Milwaukee Bucks: Game Thread

The Jazz would like to spook the Bucks and come out with a won

Milwaukee Bucks v Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz are looking to get past a frightful performance against the Chicago Bulls. The Jazz would like to spook the Milwaukee Bucks early and not allow them any tricks or treats at the rim tonight on Halloween.

Donovan Mitchell was mostly fine against the Chicago Bulls but Jordan Clarkson was downright ghostly and disappeared behind 5/19 shooting. Against the Bucks the Jazz need to bring their winning ways back from the dead or this may be a silver bullet they can’t overcome.

Mike Conley will rise from the dead after laying to rest last game against the Bulls. Conley’s absence showed just how valuable he is to the Jazz when he is in the dead of night. The Jazz are hoping to patch him together all season so that when the Playoffs arrive, he can sacrifice the other team’s in the Jazz’s way.