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Utah Jazz vs Sacramento Kings: Game Thread

The Jazz are looking for more consistency

Sacramento Kings v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz are looking to get more reps for Rudy Gay against the Sacramento Kings tonight. Rudy Gay had an incredible debut against the Toronto Raptors and showed all the things he could do for the Jazz. Against Sacramento we’ll see more reps for Gay who really fills some of the Jazz’s needs on both the defensive and offensive side of the floor.

Donovan Mitchell has been having a great year as a playmaker but had some hiccups against Toronto. Can he bounce back against Davion Mitchell and the Sacramento Kings? The Kings will definitely focus on keeping Donovan Mitchell out of a rhythm as much as they can. Can he continue his playmaking even when they try to take that away?

The Kings are likely coming into this one with a lot of fire. They’ve lost a lot of games lately and will want to stop their losing streak. The Jazz will need to establish themselves early before the Kings get any ideas about a chance to win this game.