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Utah Jazz vs OKC Thunder: Game Thread

The Utah Jazz have business to take care of

Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz have a record that doesn’t show some of the warts of this season. Even though they’ve shown moments of brilliance, the Jazz have to show more consistency in their game to show they’re ready for the playoffs. Some of the lapses in defense could be chalked up to a team working out the kinks in the hose that generally happens at the beginning of the season, but this team has been together too long for there to be too much of that going on.

The addition of Rudy Gay has shown some of the potential of this team with Gay’s defensive and offensive contributions, but the Jazz overall need to start showing more consistent dominance if they want to be taken seriously. If they think they can just flip a switch in the playoffs, the lights may not come on if they haven’t gotten all their wiring figured out during the season.

Games against the Thunder are games they can figure these things out and we’ll see if they can do it.