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Utah Jazz vs New Orleans Pelicans: Game Thread

The Utah Jazz are in another cruise control game

New Orleans Pelicans v Utah Jazz Photo by Jeff Swinger/NBAE via Getty Images

The Utah Jazz (12-6) will have another game against a shorthanded, and not very good team in the New Orleans Pelicans (4-16) tonight.

The Jazz have looked like a team that can go through the motions and still win games this season with their continuity of high-level talent. The issue is that they haven’t been super impressive this season and they sit at 3rd in the Western Conference standings. And if we’re being honest, they haven’t proved anything that merits a lack of energy on the floor. It would be nice to see the Jazz find a better rhythm on both ends of the floor and get a decisive win against the Pelicans.

A win tonight will also help them towards a higher seeding, but the thing that would help them most is to find more consistency from their shooters. For example, Donovan Mitchell is shooting 29.5% from three in his last 6 games. Now, some of that isn’t his fault. Last game Mitchell went 1/7 but 3 of those shots were taken with the shot clock expiring. Regardless, the shooting needs to improve for the Jazz to get back to their winning ways from last season. The funny thing is that Utah sits at #1 in offensive efficiency for the season. So improving the offense seems like it might not be the thing to worry about.

The issue the Jazz are seeing is defensively. The Jazz defense has not been as good as last year. Currently, they sit at #8 and are on the verge of dropping pretty far. Part of the issue is the Jazz defensive rebound percentage (74.2%) which is #12 in the league. If the Jazz can improve that, it could be the difference in a lot of these close games they’ve been a part of. Whatever the case, Utah needs to have a good game tonight to find a better rhythm overall as they work towards the playoffs.