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Utah Jazz vs Miami Heat: Game Thread

The Jazz have a chance for another impressive win

Utah Jazz v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz have a chance to get another impressive win under their belt tonight as they take on the Miami Heat.

With both teams lead playmaker questionable, it appears they’ll both likely be playing tonight.

It’s a relief for both teams that both players are available and healthy. It’s also nice for the Jazz to get a chance to play against the Heat at full strength. The Jazz are in need of every chance they can to gauge how good they are against the best teams in the league. Games like this they can really look at every aspect of their team to see what is needed to get over the top when playoff time comes around. And that’s really the story of this season, how do the Jazz evolve? Is it through play style with challenging switches and 5-out lineups? Is it through development through players like Jared Butler? Or is it through player acquisition through a trade or picking up someone on the waiver wire. Games like tonight tell the story for the Jazz and everything is evolving as they go.