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SLC Dunk Podcast: Post game reaction to the Jazz losing to the Heat

The Utah Jazz are figuring out their weaknesses and hopefully what to do to improve on them

Utah Jazz v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

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On this episode, I talked about just how good the Miami Heat are. They’re incredibly talented and balanced with incredible physicality that is going to be big for them come playoff time. The biggest issue for them is going to be how to stay healthy throughout the season because players like Kyle Lowry and Jimmy Butler aren’t getting any younger.

For the Utah Jazz we’re seeing Donovan Mitchell blossom into one of the elite players in the league. His 3-point shot wasn’t falling tonight and he dropped 37 with great efficiency. Once that three starts falling, it’s curtains for the rest of the league. And really, that right there might be the adjust meant that the Jazz need to make. How much can you put the ball in Donovan Mitchell’s hands? It needs to be more, I don’t care how many possessions it is. Could you imagine a spread offense with John Stockton and Deron Williams? Would we be worried about getting David Benoit his touches in the post or Ronnie Brewer? The ball needs to be in either Donovan Mitchell’s hands or Mike Conley’s and that’s the thing that’s going to take them to the next level. Listen to the episode for all the insight and leave a 5-star review if you can!