After one Stars game I am buying

All the Trevon Scott stock. I know it is super early and just a one game sample, but an athletic 6'8" 3 and D player is exactly what the Jazz still need. Trent Forrest and Shaq Harrison cannot shoot and you can see it when they play. They actively avoid the 3 point shot. Scott was a willing and able shooter in his first game. So while I don't expect 60% from 3 for his career (3/5 last night), I do think he will be someone teams have to guard at the 3 point line.

If I understand correctly, the Jazz have one more roster spot. I understand they will be hesitant to use it due to the luxury tax. Hopefully he will not end up being the one that got away.

Also, I am very sad Azubuike got hurt. Forrest, Hughes, and Azubuike made me very excited about the Stars. I hope all are healthy again soon and can get some development time.

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