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Utah Jazz hold off the Charlotte Hornets for 3rd win in a row

LaMelo Ball was good, the Utah Jazz were better

Utah Jazz v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

In another reunion for Gordon Hayward, now with the Charlotte Hornets, the Utah Jazz got the best of him again with a 138 - 121 victory.

For the Jazz it was a slow start that quickly changed into a big Jazz lead. Behind another incredible night shooting from Bojan Bogdanovic and the electric play of Donovan Mitchell, the Jazz took control in the second quarter and built a lead the Hornets couldn’t overcome.

The story of this game for the Jazz might be Mike Conley not returning with hamstring tightness.

It’s not clear the severity but it’s likely we see Conley miss some games. It’s a shortened season and the Jazz will probably ere on the side of caution.

The good thing for the Jazz is their depth. With Conley out the Jazz lead shrunk, a sign of just how impactful Conley has been, but they were able to hold the lead and continue to score until the end.

This was a game, the back end of a back to back on the road, that the Jazz might have faltered last season. But this year, with their system that is dominating so many teams, the Jazz are becoming immune to things like a back to back. The personel on the floor are all playing at a very high level and shooting lights out. Tonight was not different.

For example, Bojan Bogdanovic was 7/10 from 3 tonight. SEVEN FOR TEN. That type of shooting will keep you in any game and makes up for a lot of tired legs in the second half.

And that is probably the biggest takeaway from this game. The Utah Jazz are becoming immune to things like a back to back with their incredible scoring potential. At any moment they can go on a mini run. Tonight the Jazz had multiple runs that would balloon the lead when the Hornets got close. It’s fun to watch.

For the Charlotte Hornets they have to be excited about he play of LaMelo Ball. Having earned a starting spot regardless of injuries to other starters, Ball showed just how electric he can be. Tonight he scored 34 and kept the game interesting in what would have been another walk in the park for the Jazz.

Charlotte also looks like they’re getting their money’s worth out of Gordon Hayward. The former Jazz forward is having a great year and showed off what he can do with an efficient 25 points.

This Hornets team has the makings of something. Maybe they can make a trade somehow to get Bradley Beal? Maybe they can get a third piece in free agency to compliment Hayward and Ball? Either way they are going to be fun for the foreseeable future.

Game MVP

Bojan Bogdanovic

Donovan Mitchell could also get this game ball but it was Bogdanovic’s scoring in this one that kept a comfortable lead for most of this game.

This is now 5 monster games for Bogdanovic in a row. If he can keep this up it can help the Jazz overcome games where they’re missing Conley. Conley has been incredible this year, and so Bogdanovic alone doesn’t make up for it, but if he can shoot like this, it will cerrtainly help them stay at the top of the league record-wise.