Into the Unknown

We all know what the rest of February brings: 6 of our next 8 games against top 4 teams in their respective conferences, with each of those teams hoping to give us their best shot.

Already, I'm seeing people hedging their bets against us on social media saying teams like the Bucks and Celtics aren't good. That way if we win we don't get credit and if we lose we look even worse in their eyes. Not that I'm fazed by any of that, I just always find it laughable to see how other fans are hoping to discredit us before anything happens.

Right now, I'm just trying to get a handle on what success will look like. Obviously continuing a win streak through all of this would be unrealistic, but also dropping too many games or spots would be at least a little disheartening. What will you see as success throughout the rest of the month?

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