Good to Great Trade & Getting Younger

I have worried about the age of the Jazz’s core for a while now. Conley, Bogey, and Joe are all on the wrong side of 30 and the Lakers are very good in ways that will stifle the Jazz. Our shooters with the exception of Mitchell and maybe JC need space to shoot. Royce passes it unless he is totally wide open and only has a set shot, Bogey is kind of the same unless he is feeling it, and then he will shoot it when guarded. Mike, is a set shooting 3 pt shooter so he really needs to be set up off of Rudy’s picks to get his clean looks.

Also, can we just take a moment to underscore how valuable Rudy and his screening is to this team of set shooters. His ability to role also helps get them their open looks. If you are subscribed to the Athletic, Hollinger had a great article today about how valuable Rudy is, and even went as far as suggesting that Rudy should be in the discussion for MVP.

So, what is the trade: 4 Team Trade

Utah Out: Mike Conley, Georges Niang

Utah In: Aaron Gordon, Terry Rozier,

Philly Out: Tobias Harris, Protected 1st, 2nd rounder

Philly In: Mike Conley

Orlando Out: Aaron Gordon, Evan Fournier

Orlando In: Tobias Harris, Philly Protected 1st

Charlotte Out: Terry Rozier

Charlotte in: Evan Fournier, Georges Niang, Philly 2nd

Charlotte Angle: Charlotte gets a play making SG to pair with their playmaking SF (Hayward) and their 2 young PG’s. Rozier moves to Utah and they resign and extend Fournier, and Devonte Graham. Ball gets the full Green light to take the reins of the franchise. They pick up a sharpshooting 4 in Niang to give them the incentive to give up the better piece in the swap, but they understand that the fit is better getting a quality SG ahead of next years market is valuable, and they get to test the Mini-van out before deciding if they want another Bartlestein client.

Orlando Angle: They move on from Fournier who they are not resigning, and they move on to a trusted SF to pair with Isaac when he returns. They get the first for taking on the contract and years of the Harris contract, but Harris fits their team and can grow with their young core. The first gives them more options to add down the road. They move on from Gordon now that Aminu is coming back and both he, Okeke, and Harris can play the 3/4.

Philly Angle: They need a real PG, creator, shooter and veteran. Conley checks all of those boxes and then some. Conley also checks the box of helping Daryl Morey getting off of those bad contracts signed by his predecessor. Simmons would easily slide over to the 4, and Philly perhaps moves to a title favorite with this trade. You could easily make the case that the Jazz should get the first in this trade, or some 2nds to replenish their stash but I still feel this is fair

Jazz Angle: Both Players make us younger. Rozier is shooting 43% from 3pt range this year, following up a year where he shot 42% from 3 on 7 attempts a game. He is long, athletic and can shoot off the dribble, and he shoots the 3 as a jump shot which means we become a more dynamic offense. By shooting it as a jump shot, you don’t need to be as open as you would otherwise need to be. This is huge when playing the Lakers in the playoffs. We also instantly become more athletic defensively on the perimeter.

Aaron Gordon gives us a player who is an All Defensive team material and may make the team soon because he will help our defense become top 3 overall. We can play him as a Draymond Green like player as a small ball 5, as he is an amazing distributor. Or I dream of a 4/5 pick and role, where he is making the easy pass to Rudy for the dunk or the pass out to Bogey, Donovan or JC for 3. He is a play making 4 who will likely see his 3pt % increase because that tends to happen to players when coaches simplify what they are asked to do.

Defensively, we will see increased defensive rebounding, weak side shot blocking, steals, offensive rebounding, and less explosive nights from the likes of Kawhi, Lebron, and PG.

The loss of Conley is big, but I can’t tell you how much we will notice the positive effects of a trade like this as the years role on. We may be seeing Conley in his last good season, we need to build a team to keep Donovan here 4 years from now, and 38 year old Conley won’t be doing that.

Aaron Gordon and Terry Rozier I believe can both be extended and if we do, we suddenly have a core group that would be... Mitchell 24, Gobert 28, Rozier 26, Gordon 25, Bogey 31, Royce 27, Ingles 33, JC 28. We still have a solid 8 man rotation.

Both Gordon and Rozier can attack off the dribble, which make kick outs to sharp shooters more likely, or lobs to Rudy more likely. As currently constituted the Lakers and Clips to a lesser degree have long athletic perimeter defenders that will swallow up our shooters come playoff time, and make it difficult to get off our 42 3’s, and or make those 3’s much harder. We need the defensive upgrade and the athletic upgrade, and the shot profile upgrade that these players bring.

Make the move now is my call. On an upside basis I also think both Gordon and Rozier (hopefully after extended) have All Star type potential in a Quinn Snyder system. They are under the radar type players who are making huge strides in their games like Rozier has from 3 the last 2 years, or Gordon can with the right coaching.

With this move we get younger, longer, more athletic and we get a better more diverse shooting and defensive team, now and in the future. I would move to extend Aaron Gordon for 3 years $50M, and Rozier for 3 years $60M if they would accept and lock in this young and dynamic team of the future, post Lakers prime for our run to the titles.

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