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Team Lebron takes on Team Durant in the NBA All-Star Game

They may have been picked last but no team has more players represent them than the Utah Jazz

Brooklyn Nets v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

For Jazz fans, tonight’s All-Star Game has more intrigue than usual. The first is for the impressive amount of all-stars from their team. Jazz fans will get to see Mike Conley, Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert all represent the Utah Jazz. The other reason was created for no reason by Lebron James making things personal with Mitchell and Gobert. In James’ incessant, neverending desire to be the center of attention and headlines, he and Kevin Durant picked Mitchell and Gobert last to prove ... who knows what.

And so there may be some sort of strange dynamic in this game that didn’t need to be there. This game will likely be mostly exhibitional in every aspect but it will be interesting to see what awkwardness exists between James and Gobert who he may share the floor with. If anything it will be like every team James has been a part of. Each player having to put up with his constant passive aggressive social media presence, or constantly wondering if he’ll force a gm to trade them if he doesn’t get him his title chance for the impossible quest to surpass the great one.

It would be satisfying to get at least one matchup of James’ vs Mitchell. Mitchell never backs down from a challenge and he would never back down from this. The question is will James’ even play long enough to face Mitchell who may not get that chance.

Regardless of the needless drama created by James, it’s a celebration of what the Jazz have achieved this season to see them all play. Seeing Mike Conley alone will be worth watching. One of the most universally loved players finally earns his recognition. And that’s what should be celebrated, not the childish drama from Lebron.

Game Info

When: Sunday, March 7th, 2021 • 6:00 PM MT

Where: State Farm Arena - Atlanta, GA


What to watch for

Will Rudy Gobert be the most important player again?

Last year, Gobert changed everything for the all-star game. As much as he receives unnecessary ridicule and hate, he was easily the one that gave his team a chance last season. Don’t remember? Here’s the highlights.