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Utah Jazz head to Houston, where they have many problems

Utah is a -11 favorite on the road

The Utah Jazz, hopefully well-rested after having just 1 game in the last 4 days, head on the road to take on the Houston Rockets tonight. The Jazz have the best record in the Western Conference. The Rockets have the worst. So Utah should make quick work of this game and hopefully not have to play a full game with the starters. After the brutal schedule from the past couple weeks, they could still use some extra time off. With the Phoenix Suns on the road against the Philadelphia 76ers, the Jazz should be able to extend their lead and build a little cushion again.

Also, I’m still just amazed that the Houston Rockets ultimately turned James Harden, an MVP and superstar into: Dante Exum, Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk, DJ Augustin, DJ Wilson. Now, I get that they got 3 1st round picks from the Nets plus pick swaps for 4 other picks. But right now that return looks pretty terrible.

Game Info

When: 6pm Mountain Daylight Times

Where: Toyota Center, Houston

TV: Root Sports

Radio: 97.5 FM/1280 AM The Zone

What to watch for

Rudy Gobert’s Statistical Chase

Honestly, there is very little that is compelling about tonight’s matchup. The Jazz are extremely good. The Rockets are pretty terrible. Maybe what we can focus on tonight is if Rudy can make up any necessary ground en route to a 1000 point, 1000 rebound, 200 block season covered by Adam here. Other than that, I expect this to be a blowout by halftime.

We’re playing the Rockets, so this feels necessary:

Will Bojan Bogdanovic keep up the positive momentum?

I discussed in yesterday’s downbeat how Bojan Bogdanovic is finally looking like his 20 points per game self again recently. After struggling out of the gate due to the wrist injury, he’s looked significantly better as of late. Especially the last 5 games, where he is averaging nearly 24 points on a 49/42/97 shooting split. Tonight seems like the perfect opportunity to keep that positive trend rolling against a bad team. The more confidence he can build to get back to 2019-2020 Bogdanovic the better!