Donovan Mitchell reacts to Terence Clarke’s tragic death

Following the sad death of Kentucky basketball player Terrence Clarke, we saw extensive reactions that were triggered by the unfortunate event. The now-late star, who was a potential selection in the NBA Draft, had a close relationship with Utah Jazz superstar Donovan Mitchell.

During the week, Mitchell was reported to be shocked when the news finally got to him. On his page on social media, Mitchell tweeted: "No way." A tweet he ended up quoting with a video of Clarke.

On July 2019, Clarke was reported to have worked with Mitchell at a skills camp, which involved NBA player CJ McCollum and trainer Chris Brickley at the time and was tagged with odds from best usa online casino sites.
Just like Clarke, Mitchell also played for Brewster Academy, and the Utah Jazz superstar seem to be like a mentor for him during his development and recruiting process before Kentucky.

"He talked to me every day about how he didn’t even think he was going to be in the position that he’s at, and that’s what makes him work even more," Clarke said back in 2019. "So the main thing from me that I’ve taken from him is how much he works."

Clarke was reported to be leaving after a workout session in Los Angeles with former Kentucky teammate BJ Boston, who was trailing him behind in another car on Thursday. Report from WKYT claimed that the youngster crashed through an intersection after running a red light in high speed.

"I am absolutely gutted and sick tonight," Kentucky head coach John Calipari said to the media. "A young person who we all love has just lost his life too soon, one with all of his dreams and hopes ahead of him. Terrence Clarke was a beautiful kid, someone who owned the room with his personality, smile and joy. People gravitated to him, and to hear we have lost him is just hard for all of us to comprehend right now. We are all in shock."

Clarke came out second in his team when it comes to scoring, as he was able to average 10.7 points along with 3.0 rebounds and 1.9 assists per game. He had also registered double figures in four games, which included his career-high 22 points on 9 of 14 shooting in their defeat at the hands of Georgia Tech on December 6.

Clarke ended up missing 17 games after succumbing to a foot injury at the time. He returned to action in a game against Mississippi State in the SEC Tournament and finished with two points and three assists in his 10 minutes appearance, and he seemed to enjoy playing online pokie.

Last month, March, he announced to the media he was leaving Kentucky for the NBA, he said: "As an adolescent, having the privilege to put on the Kentucky uniform and play in front of the BBN was always a lifelong goal of mine. Although it was hindered due to things out of my own control, the experience is something I will keep with me forever. I have grown a lot with this experience and I will never take it for granted. After discussing it with my family, I have decided to renounce my eligibility and declare for the NBA Draft.

"I had high expectations coming into this season and, of course, didn’t expect to be injured, which I understand is part of the game. Thank you to Coach Cal, the coaching staff and my teammates! BBN, I hope to make you all proud as I pursue my dreams."

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