Donovan Mitchell: How things could change for Utah Jazz in his absence

Point guard Donovan Mitchell is currently Utah Jazz's leading scorer after averaging 26.4 points per game over the season. He's the kind of player that love getting his hands on the ball than any of his teammates.

But now that he has been sidelined with an injury, just how will this affect the Utah Jazz's offence and defence prowess?

The Jazz will be hoping that the 24-year-old point guard's stay on the sidelines won't be for long and nothing much will change in the depth of the team, with casino usa online delivering odds when the team plays in the league.

Forward Bojan Bogdanovic said to the media on Wednesday following their victory against Houston Rockets: "I thought it was going to be different, but we are playing great basketball. We’re moving the ball, every other day we are ending up with like with five or six players with the same number of shots, so we are team playing like we are No. 1. ... I think that’s why we are playing good basketball and we are successful even without our best player and our leader."

Mitchell will be undergoing another assessment on Saturday, which is a week after injuring his ankle in their victory against Indiana Pacer, to understand how heavy his injury is. Utah Jazz, however, is hoping not much will change as they want to lose the consistency they've built up over the season.

While the point guard is out of the team, for now, the Jazz will be seeing an increase in workload for a while. Mike Conley said to the media: "Obviously, with Donovan out, I just have the ball a bit more. I’m able to just dissect and play the game and be the man I know I can be. And that’s credit to our team and coaching staff and the system. I’m just trying to play within that game."

The 24-year-old point guard has only missed out on three games so far, but with the ankle sprain not being thought of as a significant injury and the fact that the Utah team will be facing mostly sub-.500 teams for the rest of the regular season, there's a chance that Mitchell will be out for much longer and there won't be any reason to rush for his quick return.

Things might not be easy without Mitchell in the team, but with the depth and talent, the Jazz possesses they should be able to maintain their dominance for a while, with backing from top AU online gambling sites.

"With a guy of Donovan’s talent and how important to our team he is, we miss him out there," Joe Ingles said Wednesday. "We’ve done a good job this trip of picking up the pace a little bit. ... I think everyone realizes what he brings to our team and what he does for our team. So we all know we’ve got to kind of step up."

Utah will return for Saturday action when they will be facing off against Minnesota Timberwolves before starting a three-game road trip following another game with the Minnesota team on Monday.

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