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The Utah Jazz played against the Phoenix Suns and lost

There was a game that was played.

Utah Jazz v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz did not beat the Phoenix Suns.

They lost, 121-100.




Oh, you’re still reading? Hm (coughs).

In a game that the Jazz played without their starting backcourt of Donovan Mitchell and Mike Conley, things went about as expected.

The Jazz struggled, just like they did against the Minnesota Timberwolves, to generate any sort of penetration and impactful scoring inside. The also struggled to get good looks for their shooters from kickouts and other nice things that happen when you normally have a superstar guard that generates offense against mostly anyone.

There were a few silver linings for the Jazz tonight. Bojan Bogdanovic had a nice night with 22 points. He was 6/11 from the field and 2/6 from three. He also was 8/9 from the free throw line.

Actually, when I said a few silver linings, there was just one silver lining.

As far as things that went wrong, there’s quite a few. Although it’s hard to tell what comes from missing Donovan Mitchell and Mike Conley and what is an actual trend or problem.

If there’s one thing that is disappointing it’s that Jordan Clarkson continues to struggle to score efficiently. Tonight he was 2/8 from three and 3/15 from the field. Clarkson likely has a better game if he’s playing off of Donovan Mitchell drawing better defenders, but it would be nice to see him string together a few big games. Although, perhaps that’s why he is the only true candidate on the Jazz for Sixth Man of the Year, because he is likely the most definitive sixth man on the team. He’s at his best against second units and playing off of the starters. Otherwise, he loses some of his effectiveness. Joe Ingles has over 20 starts now and that probably should disqualify him from the running for 6MOY anyways.

Game MVP

The merciful clock that ticked off the final second of the game putting all Jazz fans out of their misery.