quick notes on the 97/98 finals conspiracy

for hamfist,

(can't remember if i did this before, but w/e)

the background is that the LDS church has some weird connections with the security state and organized crime. like think of the "Mormon mafia" that gets tied up with howard hughes in his las vegas days and also that Mormons make up a larger percentage than normal demographics in agencies like the cia and fbi.

(there is also the possibility the lds church provided cover for intelligence/security agencies working in latin america during the dirty wars or say on behalf of like united fruit or whoever)

ok, so then when the jazz are looking to leave slc, you have gordon hinckley coming to larry h and telling him it would be good for the city and the church if the jazz stayed in slc. there is no direct evidence that the church helped buy the jazz, but I figure it’s kinda like how the lds church used a private individual to by the salamander letters from mark hoffman – like the lds church isn’t gonna be directly involved, but they can direct members to act on their behalf.

also remember that used car dealerships were the best way to launder money and that is the milieu, as they say, were lhm comes from

the point is that lhm is already-always compromised and so can be compelled to help create outcomes for the league

on the flip side we have jordan. in the 70s and early 80s, the league is just a bunch of coked up dudes playing games to get more coke. they just a kind of outgrowth of coke (which is being used to finance the dirty wars in latin america) flooding into the us market. during the 80s you have the move to promote the nba as this kinda star generated (and generating) league. you get the myths of bird and magic and dr j; they act as the kinda foundation for the superstardom of jordan

what happens is that jordan, with his rise to a kind of mega-star on pace with say michael jackson, thinks he bigger than the nba (and the interests that control the nba). to put jordan back in his place, the murder his dad and then exile him to baseball.

but the popularity in the league itself drops without jordan. like, while the interests that control the league thought jordan was acting too big, they realized they still needed him to front their nba operation.

(as a side note: I wonder if similar things happened w/r/t popular music? like, say, once cobain was no longer controllable, he gets offed, but then what replaces him? all those other popular 90s "grunge" bands sucked. or like I think this would be about the same time that allegations about michael jackson’s pedo-stuff starts surfacing. or like this is around when prince tries to get out with his name change, but then they don’t off him for like 20 years? or they have sean penn (who is a fed and asshole) marry madonna and beat the shit out of her to keep her in line? Interesting too that then later madonna and rodman become a thing. )

back to jordan: since the league now has no one as big as Jordan to promote it, they decide to let jordan back in. but, since he knows he has some leverage, he’s like, ok, but I wanna win another 3 championships in a row. they agree.

so it’s not only the league and the refs in on the conspiracy to make sure the bulls win three in a row, but lhm too (cuz he’s compromised). kira recently has proved how sloan may have sabotaged the finals by playing stock and malone less minutes. while I never assumed, he would be subject to that kind of coercion, we must remember that he played in chi-town at the height of the coke days in the nba, so it’s not impossible. they must have had shit on malone and could threaten his career by getting him involved with like a possible statutory rape case and baby-momma trauma. you gotta read pippen reminding malone that the mail doesn’t deliver on sunday as a threat – like you better miss there free throws or they coming after you.

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