Early thoughts on the Jazz's 2021 NBA draft

The 2021 NBA draft is scheduled for July 29th--more than 2 months away. However, college basketball wrapped up more than a month ago on April 5th. A lot can change in 2 1/2 months concerning the NBA draft--especially when teams begin doing individual workouts--but a significant portion of the information about potential draft picks is already available.

This draft seems to be a very deep draft, which is top-heavy with point guards and shooting guards. Because of that fact, some very good prospects at other positions may be overlooked, and could fall down to the Jazz at the 30th pick in the draft.

At this point in time, my two favorite draft prospects for the Jazz at the #30 pick are the following (of course, if the Jazz had a higher draft pick, my preferences might be different, but at the 30th pick the Jazz has fewer options):

1) Greg Brown III, freshman, University of Texas, 6'9" with a 6'10" wingspan.

Greg Brown looked more like a very tall SF his senior year in high school, but played PF his freshman year in college. He has quick-twitch athleticism, ball handling skills, shot blocking skills, and a good shooting touch on foul shots and jump shots out to the 3 point line. He is still growing into his body and may not be done growing yet (he looks like he grew an inch or so between his senior year of high school and the end of his freshman year of college). He was a smooth ball handler his senior year of high school, but looked a bit awkward in his movements this past season, which makes me think he was in the midst a growth spurt. He has the athleticism, size, aggressiveness and skillset of someone who would normally be selected in the lottery portion of the NBA draft in most years. However, because of the depth of this particular draft, he is currently projected to be selected in the range of 28 to 30 (or later). He fits a positional need for the Jazz, as an athletic stretch PF. He is still developing his skillset and clearly needs to improve his maturity, his basketball IQ and his strength, but looks like he could be developed into a very high level NBA stretch PF. I feel it may be worth it for the Jazz to move up a few spots in the draft to get him. Houston has both the #23 and the #24 draft picks, so Houston could be a potential draft trade partner for the Jazz, if the Jazz wants to move up to take a player.

2) Brandon Boston, freshman, Kentucky, 6'7", 7'0" wingspan.

Brandon Boston is long and athletic, and has a SF skillset. He was projected to be a top 5 draft pick coming into the 2020-2021 college season, but had a disappointing freshman year, and his draft stock has fallen considerably to where he is now being projected as a late first round/early second round pick. Just like Greg Brown, Brandon Boston looks like he is still developing physically and trying to grow into his body. Boston also fits a Jazz roster need--an athletic wing defender. His main weaknesses are a lack of strength and weight--as he weighs only 185 pounds--and a need to further develop his maturity and skillset.

I think either Greg Brown or Brandon Boston would be a steal for the Jazz at the 30th pick in the draft (or at an earlier pick in the draft, if the Jazz could move up in the draft to get either of them). I believe both players have lottery-level physical talent, but are clearly in need of developing that talent. The Jazz have done well lately in developing players with 2nd-round-level physical talent. Just think what the Jazz developmental staff could do with a player like Greg Brown or Brandon Boston who has lottery-level physical talent.

The Jazz could also potentially draft a point guard, if the right player were to fall to the Jazz in the draft. I have not yet analyzed who might be the best PG who may be available to the Jazz at the #30 pick.

What are your thoughts?

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