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Utah Jazz absolutely collapse in the 2nd half

I am dead inside

NBA: Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Clippers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Conley is back! Will he have enough to be a difference maker? That’s probably the key question for this elimination Game 6 on the road in LA.

Well, for being questionable Mitchell looked really good on the first two possessions. A hard drive to the basket and a deep pull up 3 both good. So far the Jazz are looking a lot better in this one. Much more engaged here in the first 3 minutes. Donovan looks springy and so does Conley.

WOW that was a terrifying fall for Rudy Gobert, but he gets up fine thankfully. Goodness Terrance Mann of all people is dominating the game so far. He’s got 10 already (now 12), which I guarantee is a career high in a quarter for him, I don’t even care to look that up. Timeout Jazz.

Jazz battle back despite Mitchell’s 1 leg. He’s an absolute warrior right now. You can visibly see him limping and playing through clear pain, yet somehow he’s still making athletic, incredible plays. Jazz had a small lead after the first at 33-31.

Jazz could’ve had a 10 point lead after 1, really feels like a missed opportunity there. Oh well, #OntoTheNextOne. Jazz maintain their lead in a much lowering 2nd quarter thus far. Donovan Mitchell is truly inspiration with 16 so far. Hm... looks like Rudy Gobert might actually be limping up and down the court, probably from that hard fall earlier. The basketball Gods taketh away, and the basketball Gods... taketh even more away.

Boom, suddenly a 10-0 run and the Jazz have built a 9 point lead. Jordan Clarkson having an on-night, with 12 points in this one already. Make that 14. Actually 16. H-O-L-Y! Jazz really took advantage of the non-Paul George minutes this time around. Timeout Clippers after Utah bursts to a 13 point lead. MICHAEL JORDAN CLARKSON has score 17 straight points for the Jazz. Jazz exploded this quarter and the Clippers just never found a rhythm. Royce O’Neale had some absolute possessions there at the end and it’s 72-50 at halftime.

Well, that didn’t start particularly well. Some sloppiness coming out of the break and the Clippers are on a 11-3 run to start the half. Conley scores his first points of the game, but his presence has felt a lot more impactful than that. Great response by the Jazz - Clippers cut it to 14 then the Jazz bounce back to extend it to 21.

Terrance Mann. Like really? Of all guys on their roster that’s who goes absolutely off in this game!? He’s got 29 so far which is insane. Apparently if the Jazz can just survive the Terrance Mann game they’ll be in good shape. Wow. 17-0 run by LA. That was absolutely embarrassing. That was a pathetic quarter. I want to puke.

4th quarter now. Do or die for the Utah Jazz season. After letting a 25 point lead get trimmed to 3, how do they do with the remaining 12 minutes. Well, instead the Jazz open up the 4th with essentially a turnover and giving up a 3. Just like that the game is tied. Sigh.

And Clippers go up 7. This is squarely on Quin Snyder. Absolutely no adjustments made as the Jazz got murdered by corner 3 after corner 3. Rudy not closing out. Not switching up who is guarding who. Not focusing on the shot hand. Literally nothing.

I can’t even feel right now. I’m numb. I’m sad. I’m emotional. I better just stop before I say something I’ll regret. It’s just sad that such an amazing season ended in such a failure

The Utah Jazz have a LOT of important decisions to make this offseason. That abysmal performance against the Kawhi-less Clippers might be a franchise altering outcome.

Thanks everyone for an amazing season. It was such a fun ride that deserved a better outcome.