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Utah Jazz news and notes: Jazz front office shakeup, Donovan Mitchell rumors and a great monologue

There’s a lot going on in Jazzland these days and the offseason has only begun

2021 NBA Playoffs - LA Clippers v Utah Jazz Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

For a team that got elimanated just over a week ago, there’s a lot going on for the Utah Jazz. Let’s take a look at the different news items you may have missed.

Behind closed doors the Utah Jazz have dealt with division

This week Andy Larsen of the Salt Lake Tribune aired out all the dirty laundry for everyone to see after the demotion of Dennis Lindsey to team advisor. It’s a fantastic read and you have to check it out!

Some of those disagreements in the article include frustrations Dennis Lindsey and the front office had with Snyder’s smaller, consistent rotations that didn’t allow bench players to develop. Snyder’s viewpoint was that a lot of those bench players weren’t NBA caliber. Both sides have their merits and faults in the situation.

Another interesting tidbit was Snyder’s frustration, along with team scouts, with the selection of Udoka Azubuike. It appears that pick was very much a Lindsey veto of everyone else and taking the player that he wanted.

If you haven’t already read this, what are you waiting for? Read it!

Donovan Mitchell rumors from Brian Windhorst

There was an interesting tidbit from Brian Windhorst from his Hoop Collective podcast.

This isn’t really the most surprising of rumors or that surprising of a detail. Dwyane Wade knows what it’s like to be a young superstar on an underperforming team. Wade was electric as a young player but didn’t make it over the top until he was joined by Shaq. After that title Wade spent years putting up MVP-like stats for mediocre teams until he was joined by LeBron James and Chris Bosh.

If anything, these are messages from Wade and Mitchell to the front office to make the moves that will make Donovan Mitchell happy.

And what does it mean to be happy for Donovan Mitchell? Probably three things. The first is winning. Mitchell has shown that he will put everything on the line for his team to win. Yes the Jazz lost in disappointing fashion in the playoffs, but Mitchell’s play on one and a half legs was heroic. He risked terrible injury for the Jazz with each play on the floor. Second thing Mitchell is looking for is to maximize his earning potential as much as possible. What was likely frustrating for Mitchell was missing out on almost $33 million that could have been added to his max contract had he made all-NBA. Injury was a big part of that happening, but there are things the Jazz can do to help Mitchell have bigger earning potential in the future. Quin Snyder needs to think about ways that he can set up Mitchell for more success. The Jazz play a shared system that helps with creating open shots for their myriad of shooters. It’s a great system for creating open shots for the Jazz shooters, but does it maximize Mitchell’s scoring potential? That is going to be a tightrope the Jazz will walk where they need to give Mitchell as much potential to score and succeed as possible, while also winning. Now, many will say that Mitchell has one of the highest usage percentages in the league, which is true, but can the system be tweaked to focus more on getting Mitchell 3-4 more ppg next season? The third thing is related to what we just said. Mitchell, like all stars, wants to be recognized for his contributions. Mitchell deserves all-NBA honors and more all-star appearances. Getting him more chances to shine will give him the recognition he deserves.

If the Jazz can do all of these things it will give them a great shot at re-signing Mitchell in the future with things like a super max. If those things don’t help, then there may be an interesting offseason coming in a few years.

Some wise words from Colin Cowherd.

I wanted to share a segment from Colin Cowherd where he touched on the rumors of Mitchell possibly leaving in a few years. It’s a great listen and worth your time.