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2021 NBA Draft Coverage: Joe Wieskamp

Iowa product is a lights-out shooter

Syndication: HawkCentral Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Joe Wieskamp was a three sport athlete (football and baseball) until a broken thumb prompted him to fully commit to basketball. In 2020-21, Joe Wieskamp was the only D-1 player to record 400+ points, 200+ rebounds, 70+ 3-pointers, and 25+ steals.

Wieskamp’s bread and butter is his elite 3-point shooting.

Stats and measurements

Age: 21

Year: Junior

Height: 6’ 5.75”

Weight 204

Wingspan: 6’ 11”

PTS: 14.8

REB: 6.6

AST: 1.7

NBA fit

3-point shooting is a valuable NBA skill, especially off movement. Wieskamp is comfortable catching and shooting off ball screens like flares and pin-downs. He was often used in Spain pick and roll action as the back-screener and shooter. He’s constantly repositioning into open space, often from corner to corner, confusing defenses and causing breakdowns in communication. Wieskamp’s movement shooting is a valuable offensive weapon, and he has some scoring and playmaking versatility on top of that.

Wieskamp is absolutely lethal from outside from every location and every play type. He has an effective step back three. He attacks sloppy closeouts by driving to the paint, where his ability to draw contact (career .337 free throw rate) pressures the defense. He’s got some decent post moves and can punish smaller defenders on switches.

Wieskamp’s offensive profile is absurd.

95th percentile - Total Offense

97th percentile - Catch and Shoot

95th percentile - Catch and Shoot, guarded

91st percentile - Spot Up

90th percentile - Transition

88th percentile - Off Screens

60% effective field goal

62% true shooting

Wieskamp is old for a college junior. He’ll turn 22 before his first NBA game. At the NBA combine, Wieskamp performed well in the lane agility (4th overall), max vertical (5th), and three quarter sprint (6th) drills. His on-court performance at Iowa didn’t indicate that level of burst. His steal rate (1.8), block rate (1.1), and offensive rebound rate (4.5), are not what you’d expect from an athletic wing with a 6’ 11” wingspan. Wieskamp’s pedestrian shuttle run and standing vertical numbers are a better representation of his good-but-not-great athleticism.

At a shade under 6’6” and a wiry 204 pounds, Wieskamp is light for a wing. Adding a few pounds of muscle would help him handle the increased physicality and match up better against the NBA’s 220-230 pound wings. He was a good defensive rebounder in college (5.5 per game, 7th in the Big 10), but won’t be as effective against guys with 20-30 pounds on him.

How the Jazz get him?

Wieskamp should be available when Utah is on the clock with the 30th pick. Wieskamp is a quick-trigger sniper from deep comparable to shooters like Furkan Korkmaz and Kyle Korver. This would be a solid pick for the Jazz.