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NBA fans are fine with replay but with a few adjustments

There are things the NBA can do to make this better for fans, but fans seem to like getting things right

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Atlanta Hawks v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

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One of the biggest storylines through the NBA Playoffs has been the usage, and results, of official replay review. Officials are picking plays, without complete consistency, and dissecting the replay frame-by-frame.

While this has been a point of contention on broadcasts, it’s not that simple. According to the latest SB Nation Reacts survey, more than two-thirds of NBA fans still approve of the use of official replay reviews.

As much as certain national pundits will bemoan the long reviews, the average fan appears to appreciate getting things right. For Jazz fans nightmares of shots not counting in Finals of the past surely account for wanting replay to stay. Is it better to get things right with a few delays rather than hurry things up but get things wrong? Obviously, getting it right is the most important thing.

Despite the overall support, there is clear room for improvement, according to fans. More than three-fourths of fans around the country believe there needs to be a time limit placed on the official reviews, preventing the referees from looking at replays for extended periods.

Another idea that could help with the staggered nature of the final two-minutes of play is limiting the amount of times officials are able to go to replay. However, a majority of fans are against this as an option.

At the heart of the issue, for many fans, is what the desired result should be in actuality. The increase in amount of cameras and technology of them has given everyone from officials to fans at home the ability to see extreme detail. But is seeing, for instance, whose finger last brushed the ball what is most important?? Or should the decision be instead based on who caused the ball to go out of bound?

According to nearly two-thirds of fans, officials’ decisions should be based on the spirit of the rule instead of the strict letter of the law.

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