Jazz sound like they are too rigid

After listening to the Salt City Hoops podcast, I'm bothered as a fan.

Just listening to these 3 guys discuss the upcoming draft I've gotten pretty worried.

As they discussed possible picks they made it sound like Quin S. has no desire to have a Stretch 4 or a Small Ball Center.

He's wanting a group that has ONE way of playing, offense and defense. No versatility! As one of the guys put it, QS does not want to "toggle back and forth". That just didn't sit well with me, I'd love to see the Jazz adjust and mix it up on both sides of the court.

I'm wondering if that is a good philosophy and it doesn't seem like it.

Quin want's a plug and play group of starters and backup guys. To me this is why there are very few adjustments, just variations of the same thing. It also may contribute to many of the players not "fitting in" to the system.

I always liked the term "Jazz DNA", to me it means good character and hard working. Not sure about that now.

What do you all think?

My take on this issue (if it is true) is that the Jazz will always be a poor performing Playoff team as other teams can adjust easier because the Jazz do the same things offensively and defensively.

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