Who Is Favored To Win The 2022 NBA Championship?

The Warriors lost their second game to the Grizzlies in May. Steve Kerr has stated that before the team can even think about talking about being a team destined for the title again, they have to try and find out a way to become a great playoff team again. They have missed the postseason in its entirety for two years in a row now, so it is only natural for Kerr to be thinking like this. When you look at the betting odds, you will soon see that the Warriors might not be that far off from getting another championship. Some betting sites are putting the Warriors at fourth to win in the championship and they have a rate of +900. The Warriors are just behind the Brooklyn Nets and the LA Lakers. They are also behind the Milwaukee Bucks, who are playing fantastically this season.


The Rise of the NBA

When you look at the rise of the NBA, you will soon see that there are many basketball-themed games being brought out. One of the more notable ones is NBA 2K. Every year a person from a team is showcased on the front, and Durant made the cut not too long ago. Since he left for the Nets, they have been an unstoppable force. The rise of basketball-themed gaming has also led to an increase in the viewership for the NBA, especially when you look at platforms such as NetBet Online Slots, you’ll see numerous themed games around a huge range of different sports, with a popular option being Basketball Star.

Warriors Could be the one to Take It Home

A lot of people think that the Warriors could be the ones to take it home. The Warriors have the same odds as a team that could be the defending champions next season. On paper, it’s hard to believe that the Suns and the Warriors are going to be playing on the same tier for the next season, even though they have a two-game skid in games number 3 and 4. Phoenix looks to have been on fire for most of the playoffs.

Chris Paul has shown that he has a ton of gas in the tank and even Deandre Ayton has had an incredible series too. He played against the Clippers. There should be no reason for the Suns to get worse, with the new season coming up. Health will ultimately play a role in why the Warriors are coming at number four. Whenever Thompson comes back, it will help Golden State. It would not be a problem-solver, but it will certainly help.

The Nets and the Lakers

The Nets and the Lakers could well be the favorites to bring home the Finals. Without all of the injuries they have experienced, it’s safe to say that they are the two favorites right now. By looking at the odds, it’s very clear to see that everyone is healthy and that the Nets are probably going to take it home for this very reason. When James Harden and Kevin Durant are able to display themselves as the big three, alongside Kyrie Irving, it’s safe to say that they put on an outstanding performance. It makes sense that they are performing far beyond everyone else right now.

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