Free Agency Begins! Jazz do what?

August 2nd negotiations begin, August 6th the signing begins!

Jazz have said that re-signing Mike Conley is their Number One objective. Hopefully negotiations go well. My guess is $65-$75 over 3 years. I believe that The FO Want to have him on the Jazz. Not looking to trade him down the line.

In looking at the roster as I've PLAYED GM, I see 4 spots open. Here's how I see it; (Position-less, but easier this way)

PG - Mike C., Jared B., TBD

SG - Donovan M., Jordan C, Elijah H.

SF - Bojan B., Joe I., Miye O.,

PF - Royce O., TBD, TBD

C - Rudy G., TBD, Udoka A.

I also think the FO Will carry 13 on the roster, IF they get the right Two! Add someone if needed.

If the Jazz are able to acquire two players that fit, The Jazz will have a deep team. Really a 10-11 man rotation, I felt the Jazz were a strong 7-8 man group this past season

My hope is the Jazz can win over Nic B. for the $5.9M TMLE, Rudy and Nic have the same Agent and all three are in Tokyo right now. (Get it done Rudy)

The next most important piece is to get Rudy's backup at the minimum $1.7M approximately. JaVale McGee?

Leave the third PG spot and the third PF spots open. Not sure who wins the Two-Way contracts.

This puts Utah's roster salary at about $156 M (ouch, the Tax bill on this will be about $ 38M)

Something I tossed about was a Bojan B. trade to Cleveland for Larry N. Jr. and Collin S., would probably have to sweeten this to get it done, saves about $1.5M in salary 2021-22 and the Jazz are crazy versatile.

Trading Derrick F. is sad for most Jazz fans, me as well, but it does open some things up. I Wish Derrick great success.

I also hope the Jazz FO does not bring back ANY prior Jazz players. (Except Jae C., he brings a toughness the Jazz lack.)

What does the FA, Trade season look like to you?

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