Venting Frustrations

With the way the playoffs have turned out this year, I can't read NBA news without feeling frustration at how the Jazz's season turned out. Here are my primary thoughts at this point. There is no cohesive line of reasoning here, no actual thought put into whether these are accurate. This is simply a mind dump, dictated purely by my emotions and frustrations and not at logic:

  1. Conley played great for us when healthy. He unlocked Gobert's offensive potential in a way that only Jingles of old (and not of now) could. His hamstring cost us. I don't think we can take that bet again. Sorry Mike, you deserve to get paid, and I don't think Jazz can do it with the fact that hamstring injuries are recurring, and a small tweak may cause you to miss an entire series in the playoffs. I think that you yourself are reliable, I think your hamstring is not.
  2. Jingles has turned into a frustrating player. Well, I guess he has always been that way, but now that his sly defense is now just slyness and not so much defense, the frustrations are magnified. When he is on and taking shots, he is awesome. But without defense, if he doesn't shoot then his one elite skill is not utilized, and we may as well play and pay someone else. I guess we are stuck with him for a while with his contract extension, but seems like we could get a more useful warm body in there.
  3. Gobert: Sorry, those losses were not on Gobert. The fact that our defense is built around funnelling people into the lane is a problem if someone pulls gobert out of the lane with an elite shooting big. So it is more of a scheme problem. We need a different defensive scheme that works for those situations. I put those losses squarely on Q and his schemes, and also an inability for everyone else to stop their guy from penetrating to the rim, etc.
  4. Snyder: Come one man. Make some adjustments!
  5. Mitchell: I know he is budding superstar, needs to get points to prove that he is a superstar, and that he carried this team for parts of the playoffs. But once a team starts double teaming you from the half-court, you need to realize that means there is an open man and got to figure out a way out of it. You have to let go of your need to be the guy. He's too short to pass out of tall double teams, and it leads to turnovers. Iso gets you points and can win some games, but Iso all game long is a recipe for easy choices for opposing defenses and a lost game. You have to mix it up on what you do so that defenses have to keep second guessing whether to leave their guy open or not. With the 3-point shooting our team has, no reason Mitchell shouldn't pass it every time and score when the ball swings back to him on catch and shoot threes... The ball should touch at least 3 different people before you decide to Iso it.
  6. Man, our playoff luck. First that Houston series where our 3 point shooting was historically bad for an entire series. Then Clippers get unexplicably hot at just the wrong time. We were the better team, especially when Kawai went down. I can't attribute it to anything else. Sometimes the shots fall, sometimes they don't. Momentum is a false thing, studies have shown it isn't real, you just sometimes get lucky.
  7. I'm staying away from the Jazz this summer until they start winning again. Hopefully we can replace Conley with someone who has legitimate hamstrings, hopefully Joe can learn that he exists solely to shoot shoot shoot shoot and nothing else, and maybe we can figure out what to do on defense if Gobert isn't camping in the lane.

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