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Utah Jazz take on the Dallas Mavericks in Las Vegas Summer League

What happens in Vegas ... hopefully helps your players develop

2021 Las Vegas Summer League - Phoenix Suns v Utah Jazz Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

The Utah Jazz will play their second game in Las Vegas Summer League tonight against the Dallas Mavericks.

It’s been a whirlwind of games for young talent on the Jazz but it’s been clear who has stood out the most with this team. At some point this becomes some sort of Deja Vu as we will likely see much of what we’ve seen already, Trent Forrest running the offense at a high level and Dok, well, Dok smash.

It was nice to see the Jazz summer league roster against different competition last game against the Phoenix Suns. The best thing for Utah is to see their prospects against as much different competition as possible to see what they have improved on and what they can do with different defenders. It would have been nice to see an improved 3-point shot from Forrest but that hasn’t quite come along yet. It would also have been nice to see an improved free-throw shot from Azubuike, but that will also take some time. But those things may never come along. The good thing is you see how they can overcome those flaws against different opponents. Forrest has done it with a great handle and dept knowledge of how to set up his teammates to score. Dok has ... smashed everything and hasn’t needed to take many free throws at all.

We’ll see how the Jazz look tonight but it’s likely we see more of the strong play from the two players that have stood out the most.

Game Info

When: August 11, 2021 - 7:00 PM MT

Where: Cox Pavilion, Las Vegas, NV