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Utah Jazz take on the Los Angeles Clippers in Las Vegas Summer League

Yes, summer league is still going

2021 Las Vegas Summer League - Miami Heat v Utah Jazz Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

The Utah Jazz will take on the Los Angeles Clippers today in hopes to keep their win streak in Las Vegas Summer League alive.

The Jazz summer league trio of Jarrell Brantley, Trent Forrest and Udoka Azubuike has been too much for opposing summer league squads to handle. With Elijah Hughes having such a nice game against the Miami Heat maybe they should be called a quartet?

Whatever you call it, the Jazz young talent has looked very solid. Forrest and Dok have looked too good for summer league play and Jarrell Brantley and Elijah Hughes have shown the flashes that have gotten Jazz fans excited about their potential. Each of these players has things they need to improve on. Forrest and Brantley need to improve their 3-point consistency, Dok needs to improve at the line and Hughes has needed to improve defensively. The good news? They’ve all shown signs of improvement. Dok has missed a lot of free throws but his stroke at the line looks better. If he can keep up that consistency he may become respectable at the line which would be huge for keeping him on the floor in meaningful games. Forrest’s 3-point shot has looked about the same but he’s shown an ability to get to the line and facilitate offense in a way that has made it not as necessary. Forrest probably has the most star potential, it just hinges on that shot. He’s shown he can do it all and if that 3-point shot can become a weapon for him, he could become a very good NBA guard. Brantley has shown that he’s knocking that 3-point shot down more consistently. He’s also showing more constraint with the ball and is eliminating turnovers. He has a lot of potential and it’s nice to see that improvement. Finally, Elijah Hughes has been defending. He has taken charges and is showing a better care factor on the defensive end. He needs to show he can guard NBA-level guys. If if he can, his offensive game is NBA caliber.

These players together have made the Jazz formidable in Las Vegas Summer League and this wasn’t even with Jared Butler who recently finalized his deal with the Jazz. This should be a fun game!

Game Info

When: August 15, 2021 - 3:00 PM MT

Where: Cox Pavilion, Las Vegas, NV