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Mike Conley signs 3-year deal worth between $68 and $72.5 million to stay with the Utah Jazz

A reasonable deal that works for everyone

Houston Rockets v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

Mike Conley has re-signed with the Utah Jazz. But there’s a question of whether it’s for for $68 Million or $72.5 Million

Shams Charania appeared to get the first scoop when he tweeted the $68 Million deal.

But now Woj has thrown his hat into the ring with a larger number, $72.5 Million.

Perhaps the number from Woj is accounting for incentives? Regardless of the difference in numbers, this is around the number Jazz fans had been expecting from multiple reports leading up to today.

It’s a nice deal for the Jazz who could have seen Conley get a big market with teams like the Dallas Mavericks looking to get a quality guard to play next to Luka Doncic. That was also the reason this number rose to what it is.

It’s an important signing for the Jazz because the Jazz were over the cap. Losing Conley would have meant the Jazz would not have been capable of replacing him with a free agent guard. For Conley he gets to stay with a team that helped him make his first All-Star game and gives him the best chance to win. Conley also seems to have a great relationship with the team. It appears like a win-win for everyone involved.

The Jazz now have to find a way to improve their team in other ways. The Jazz still need to improve their wing defense which hasn’t changed since the end of the season. With free agency just starting, we’ll see what the Jazz can make happen, but there have been multiple reports of the Jazz being active in the trade market. Whatever happens, signing Mike Conley means the Jazz accomplished their main goal after a successful draft where they drafted Jared Butler.