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Utah Jazz wrap up Salt Lake City Summer League

A view into things to come for the Jazz

2021 Salt Lake City Summer League: Memphis Grizzlies v Utah Jazz White Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

Salt Lake City Summer League wrapped up as the Utah Jazz White Team beat the Utah Jazz Blue Team, 83-65.

The story of the game, and the entire Summer League, has been the play of Trent Forrest and Udoka Azubuike. Tonight they both scored 14 points and were clearly the most NBA ready players each night.

Once again Trent Forrest dominated with the ball in his hands. Whether it was running a pick and roll with Udoka Azubuike or driving and kicking to outside shooters. Forrest still doesn’t have a reliable 3-point shot but when he has the ball it doesn’t matter. He gets to the rim quickly with good speed and a tight handle. If the Jazz have Forrest in the game this upcoming season, they’d be smart to watch film from Salt Lake City Summer League and not have him sitting in the corner because it negates all the good he does. Forrest is absolutely an NBA player if he’s being used correctly.

DOK was strong tonight again. Azubuike has such a big body and is explosive around the rim. He also has great hands and engulfs any ball near him then with his power he crams the ball in the hoop. He also has surprisingly nice touch around the rim that he uses to make a simple but effective baby hook. The Jazz picked up Hassan Whiteside recently but they may have a competition on their hand for backup center. Salt Lake City Summer League hasn’t been a problem at all for DOK, we’ll see if he can continue his play in Las Vegas.

Finally, a lot of credit has to be given to the Utah Jazz for putting on a great Summer League product. There were less teams this year, and hopefully they can get back to 3 teams visiting, but it’s great to have Salt Lake City Summer League back. Even with the lack of of Jared Butler, the Jazz provided fans a chance to see their developing players shine. Now the Jazz will head to Las Vegas and we’ll see how DOK and Forrest do, but they might have a chance at a deep run in the tournament. It should be a lot of fun!