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Utah Jazz Gaming takes on Wizards District Gaming in NBA 2K League Final

Jazz Gaming’s dynamic duo might take this all the way

2021 NBA 2K League Playoffs - Blazer5 Gaming v Jazz Gaming Photo by Jim Cowsert/NBAE via Getty Images

After finishing in the top 4 last season, Utah Jazz Gaming has earned their way to the NBA 2K Finals. It’s an impressive accomplishment for Jazz Gaming who brought back their same squad from last year and improved enough to get over the hump. But can they beat Wizards District Gaming and bring a championship to Utah?

It will depend on their elite combo of Ria and Splashy. If Ria and Splashy play like they’ve had these playoffs, chances are very good.

It can’t be overlooked how much Jazz Gaming has overcome to get to this point. The heart and soul of this team is unquestionably Compete. During the playoffs Compete dealt with unbelievable tragedy when he found out he lost his brother, Chinny.

Normally leaning on Compete, Jazz Gaming rallied around their defensive leader and swept their first two series, and beat Warriors Gaming in the Western Conference Finals. Compete’s resilience is truly remarkable and was emotional after their big victories.

If you would like to donate to Chinny’s funeral services, you can here.

This Jazz Gaming team is easy to root for with how they’ve rallied on the virtual court and off. The excitement for getting to the Finals was electric.

All season this team has played at an elite levelSplashy was the #3 scorer in the league at 31.3 PPG as the primary scorer and playmaker and has a real case for League MVP. Ria dominated inside as the #3 rebounder in the league and has lived up to being the #1 pick a few years ago. Having a dominant inside and outside presence has made Jazz Gaming a potent team. If Splashy can have an efficient series and Ria can dominate the paint, Jazz Gaming has a chance to bring the title to Utah they’ve sacrificed so much for.

It’s a tough matchup against Wizards District Gaming who come in as the reigning champs. For Jazz Gaming to win they’ll need everyone on the team to play well. Compete will have to have a great series at lock guarding the primary scorer, JBM, who scored 40 and 31 to knock out Nets GC. Ria will all have to win the battle inside against Dayfri. It’s as good a matchup as you could want and a win for Jazz Gaming would be very impressive.

Game Info

When: September 4th, 2021 - 3:00 PM MT

Where: Mavs Gaming Hub, Dallas, TX

Where to Watch: NBA 2K Twitch and YouTube channel