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Jordan Clarkson was interviewed by a local Utah television station who didn’t know he played for the Jazz and it’s hilarious

Jordan Clarkson is a great guy

Being the Sixth Man of the Year for the Utah Jazz last season, Jordan Clarkson was at a lot of games for the Jazz.

Hayley Crombleholm of KUTV created one of the best clips you’ll ever see of Jordan Clarkson. Crombleholme, who afterwards realized who she had interviewed, asked Jordan Clarkson “Did you go to any Jazz games?” and Clarkson’s response of “Yeah, a lot” is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

A lot of credit should go to Crombleholme who made an honest mistake and was able to see the humor in it and shared with everyone. We should all be grateful.

The other part of the interview that was fun was Jordan Clarkson being asked to spell his name for the interview. It’s just too good.

Credit also needs to be given to Jordan Clarkson who was kind enough to do the interview and somehow did not start laughing.