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Utah Jazz Gaming lose to Wizards District Gaming in NBA 2K League Finals

Wizards District Gaming might be creating the first 2k league dynasty

2021 NBA 2K League Finals - Jazz Gaming v Wizards District Gaming Photo by Cooper Neill/NBAE via Getty Images

It was a tale of two halves in the first half in Game 1 of the best of 3 finals match between Utah Jazz Jazz Gaming and Wizards District Gaming. Lotty scored 9 points in the first half and then zero in the second. The Jazz fell in a close 1 in Game 1 to the defensive monster that is Wizards District Gaming.

After a bad second half, Jazz Gaming head coach Jelani Mitchell switched Lotty out for Get On My Level at shooting guard. It looked okay to start with a three from Get On My Level but the lack of experience started to show. That three would end up being the only points from Get On My Level. It’s a decision that the team will look back on and wonder if it was the right move. Regardless, Jazz Gaming could not stop Wizards District from scoring on the perimeter, their three-point shooting was relentless and in Game 3 it was more of the same as Wizards District Gaming came away with the victory. Lotty would be subbed back in but it was Wizards District’s day to shine as they beat Jazz Gaming in a 3-0 sweep.

Jazz Gaming will still come away with the 2nd place prize money, which is no small sum as they will split $180,000, but that’s a drop from the 1st place prize money of $450,000.

But this obviously meant a lot to Jazz Gaming beyond the money. They missed out last season to make the finals and during the in-season tournament and to finally make it to the finals this year and fall short is a tough pill to swallow. Splashy had talked a lot about this being the season he proves he’s the best in the world and that will have to be next year until he can prove it.

Yes, they didn’t win but Jazz Gaming overcome a lot to get to this point, including the loss of Compete’s brother, and to make it to this game despite all that is impressive.

Wizards District Gaming has the best team in the league and now has won the title two years in a row. It’s looking like the 1st dynasty in a 2K league that is so young. There’s no question Jazz Gaming will be back next year and will do their best to de-throne the champions. We’ll see if they can get over this final hurdle when they come back.