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Utah Jazz vs Detroit Pistons: Game Thread

It’s time for the Jazz to show what they’re made of without Rudy Gobert on the floor

Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz have lost their last two games. One because they were missing almost all of their rotation players, and last game because they didn’t, well, try that hard.

Things have not gone well on the road trip which is mostly due to the covid protocols the team is facing. It’s a little troubling because the Jazz didn’t really face a lot of covid protocol issues and went into the playoffs last year having not beaten a lot of teams at full strength. This year is looking very similar to last year except now the Jazz have the covid issues and they’re not handling them well. It’s not a good trend and they need to show they can win in other ways. Tonight would be a great night to start showing how they do it.